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Sep 14, 2012 2:30am PDT
sweeping the middle east and africa. it's in 11 countries including iran, iraq and sudan. protesters are gathering for a fourth straight day outside the u.s. embassy. the riot police are there, dodging projectiles. that's a live picture at 11:30 in the morning in cairo. protesters demanding vengeance for an obscure internet movie they find offensive that was produced in the united states. the government repeated they have no affiliation with the movie. president obama had a blunt late night phone call with egypt's new president, morsi. president obama warning it could be jeopardizes if they don't take a stand against american attacks. too little too late. morsi asked for $5 billion in loans from the inf telling egyptians it is their duty to protect our guests. in yemens a mob scene. they evacuated to a safe location and no embassy staff was injured. there was still plenty of damage as you can see in the pictures. hundreds of protesters tore through the security wall and smashed bullet-proof windows and torching cars. yemen's president immediately apologized to president obama for the
Sep 11, 2012 2:30am PDT
in the wars of iraq and afghanistan in addition to the lives lost including civilians, the financial costs of the wars to the united states is staggering, amounting to almost $4 trillion. in the hours after the collapse of the world trade center, news outlets reported the story among firefighters. an emergency room doctor survived a fall. the man had a name. the country, you remember, clinged to that story. it wasn't long before we learned the story wasn't true. the man identified as living to tell about an 86 story plunge was in the base. all along. a new discovery channel documentary airing tonight shows there was a 9/11 surfer, as he became known. he tells his story for the first time tonight. he fell from the 22nd store of the north tower and lived to tell about it. here is how he remembered the moments before the fall. >> i remember staring at that large free standing wall that was there. it was a fire that was right at the base of that or right on the other side. actually started feeling the heat from the fire. i wanted to regain some sense of control in my life. and, you know, you k
Sep 12, 2012 2:30am PDT
killed in afghanistan and iraq. vice president, joe biden, was in shanksville, pennsylvania honoring those of flight 93 with their families. >> no matter how many anniversaries you experience for at least an instant the terror of that moment returns. the lingering echo of that phone call. the sense of total disbelief, it envelopes you. you feel like you are being sucked into a black hole in the middle of your chest. my hope, my hope for you all is that as every year passes, the depth of your pain recedes. >> vice president went on to praise the heroism of the 40 passengers and crew members who died on flight 93 11 years ago. >>> president bill clinton will campaign for president obama in florida. yesterday, on the campus of florida international university, the president urged the young audience to register and vote. he reiterated the message the current president has laid the foundation for economic recovery. >> no one, not me, not anybody else could have completely healed that and built a whole new economy and brought us back to full employment in four years. it has never been done
Sep 20, 2012 2:30am PDT
departments. the jobs reports show an 11% unemployment rate for veterans of iraq and afghanistan. more than 720,000 service members are out of work in this country. harry reid said they hit a new low by blocking the bill. patty murray said former troops are owed more than bumper stickers. a handful of republicans supported the bill, many in the party saw problems with the legislation. senator tom coburn of oklahoma said there was several job training programs under way. rand paul wanted to cut off egypt and pakistan. we'll talk to them on "morning joe." >>> the teacher's strike in chicago is over now. the city is facing a deeper crisis in the form of pension funds. "the new york times" explains how the chicago school district drained its reserves setting up a struggle to pay the teachers. it pays out $1 billion a year outpacing the cash it brings in. it could mean deep cuts to other services. rahm emanuel called for raising the retirement age. there was a rare moment of unity at the nation's capital to honor a woman fighting for human rights and democracy in her home country myanmar. aung s
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)